About Us

The difference between your business success is only 3 clicks of your prospects mouse. If your website is on the first page of a search for what your business does, then you can get your potential customer to your website. But there's more to it than just getting them there.
Getting your prospective customer to your website is just the beginning. SEO can get them to your website, but they need to land on the right page of your website. If you're a plumber and your prospect has performed a search for drain Cleaning and they land on a display of new faucets on your website, chances are you'll lose them. Thats bad for business!
The next step is making sure they get the right message. You must grap their attention and hold on to it. This requires good Copywriting and writing for SEO at the same time. We'll make sure your prospect stays on your website, by asking them the right questions and providing them with the answers that will make them feel secure with your company. This is where Handybears.com excels.
We're Search Engine marketers and We're a Search Engine Optimization Company. The owner of Handybears is a State Certified general Contractor in the State of Florida with 50 years experience in Construction and Marketing.
Here's the Bottom Line! We know who your customers and prospects are and we know how they're looking for you and we know how to make them choose you over your competition.
Call us today at 303.330.5585 and ask for Bob lewis. He'll set up a Free Consultation for you and your business, that will ensure your success on the internet.
Thank you for considering Handybears.com for your SEO needs on the Internet.